Oral_hist_exhib_outreach_DSC_0207Traveling Exhibits

Follow the journeys of immigrant and refugee families through their stories of change, loss, cultural traditions, new beginnings, triumphs and dreams for the future. These intergenerational stories were told by families from Poland, Cambodia, Iraq, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Palestine, Bosnia, Kosovo and Puerto Rico.

With translation in 13 different languages, the viewers of the exhibit can read these inspiring stories of hardship, courage and hope.

Implemented as an individual project or to enhance your existing programs, the exhibits can complement your cultural heritage celebrations, literacy and writing activities, family nights, diversity and immigration themes and oral history projects.

The exhibits come with hands-on lesson plans that can be facilitated by on-site staff to help the targeted audiences prepare for the arrival of the exhibit. Exhibit sites within the Chicagoland area can contract with Changing Worlds to present workshops or teacher workshops to augment the exhibit.

TE_Version_1Exhibit, Version 1
$500 for 1 Month

This exhibit features maps, photos and the stories of 11 families, printed on colorful vinyl banners. The 12th banner an introduction to the exhibit.

The exhibit features six double-sided stands that can be clustered together or placed in different areas, offering flexibility if space is limited.

We offer in-person delivery to locations within 20 miles of Downtown, Chicago.

For sites outside of our local area, exhibit partnering sites may pay for ground shipping, if available. All materials ship in a case. Instructions for installing the exhibit are included.

Oral_history_2Exhibit, Version 2
$750 for 1 Month

This exhibit features the stories of 10 families on two free-standing wooden structures.

Black and white photographs are mounted next to each family’s story, and the center section of each structure holds original student artwork.

There are two unique, attractively designed, three-dimensional structures that can be installed next to each other or in two different spaces.
We offer in-person delivery to locations within 20 miles of Downtown, Chicago.