Detail_from_Tree_Family_WorkshopChanging Worlds offers creative arts workshops incorporating writing and story-telling experiences that embrace diversity, nurture pride in family heritage, and build community. Consider any or all of the following options for your family night, international night, arts or cultural festival!

Exploring our Histories, Sharing our Stories – great option for a large gathering!

family_night_024This community activity fosters communication across generations within families and enables people of many backgrounds to discover unexpected connections and their commonalities. This event can be offered for groups up to 100 people or serve as “drop-in” stations for a larger event of over 150.

The event is structured to have your audience visit individual stations that offer participants starting points for the exploration of family heritage, migration and immigration history. Using a large world map at one station, participants place dots on a location to show former homes or ancestor homelands. Other stations can offer participants the opportunity to contribute words and/or images to a community heritage display that names their homelands and collects the personal stories of migration or immigration and/or important events on a timeline.

Total Cost: $500 for 2 hours (can service up to 100 people)

What Was It Like? – sharing family stories and making art together

This event begins with the Changing Worlds artists sharing icebreakers to prompt adult participants to share memories with others and/or have children ask questions to their parents or guardians about their significant childhood memories. Templates are provided to record participants’ responses that can be shared with the larger audience later. This 45 minute opening session is followed by a 1 hour art-making workshop facilitated by Changing Worlds staff to connect the stories told to a meaningful artifact. Event planners may choose one of the following art-making workshops:

Create an accordion book to share a childhood story (as told by a parent to their child)
Make a comic strip in 3 – 4 sections with images, story and dialogue
Create a collage portrait that links past and present history

Total Cost: $500 for up to 60 people (approx. 25 families for a two hour workshop

Tree of Strength and Hope – mural making experience for large or small groups

In this workshop, every participant will contribute their own history to a collaborative mural that connects them to the other attendees in this workshop. The participants will rotate through three activity stations and contribute their images, creative writing and dates of significant events to a large paper mural of a tree. For the roots, symbols of their heritage will be placed; for the trunk, personal reflections on what is most important to them about their community and for the leaves, their dreams for the future.

As an alternative, Changing Worlds will provide this set-up for individual families to make their own tree, portraying family heritage and foundation in the roots, present day family or community life in the trunk and dreams for the future in the leaves. This is a 90 minute workshop that can serve groups of all sizes.

Total Cost: $500 for up to 100 people ($400 for groups less than 100 people)

Building Bridges through Dance

In this dance workshop, children and adults learn that hip hop is based on many different kinds of dance techniques found in Latin America, Africa and other parts of the world. The participants will learn some basic hip hop movement techniques from the Changing Worlds artists and then have the opportunity to share a dance movement they know. Bringing their talents and knowledge as a group, the artists will incorporate many of the movements learned in the workshop into a final community performance.

Total Cost: $500 for a 2 hour workshop (group of 30 participants maximum)