Dawes_ACL2Arts, Cultural and Literacy Connections (ACL) Program

Programs are uniquely tailored to expand the participating teachers’ ability to incorporate arts integration and culturally responsive teaching practices. Changing Worlds’ ACL program partners with schools to implement integrated arts, culture and literacy residencies for students in grades 3 – 8.

Program Components:

  • Residencies led by Changing Worlds’ literacy specialists and teaching artists, occurring over 15 weeks at participating school sites.
  • Residencies utilize the stories of students’ lives, cultures and family histories with writing and the arts as a springboard to teaching core concepts in language arts, fine arts and cultural awareness.
  • Student produced final art projects and written work showcased at a culminating event.
  • Participating teachers attend a full-day planning session prior to the residency and a half day planning session at the mid-point of the residency during which they assist in identifying program outcomes.
  • Participating teachers are expected to co-teach at least two classes.
  • Multicultural classroom libraries are provided to participating teachers.
  • A school-wide cultural performance or Changing Worlds’ traveling exhibit is offered to enhance cultural awareness and exposure to the arts.

Shanti Peace and Cultural Connections (SPC) Program

Changing Worlds’ SPC program is led by teaching artists who are trained in the methodology of developing integrated lesson plans that maintain a high level of artistic excellence while using a systematic approach that emphasizes nonviolence concepts and skills. The SPC program residencies engage youth in grades K – 12.

  • Curriculum Integrated Programs: Teaching artists and classroom teachers collaborate to create and implement art projects which integrate core curricular subjects such as language arts or social studies with artistic and nonviolence skills. Programs range from 8 – 15 weeks.
  • Community-Based: Teaching artists collaborate with communities, such as PTA’s and other parent and youth organizations, to facilitate original community art endeavors that blend peace and nonviolence strategies into the unique goals and objectives of each community.